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3 Steps To Food Freedom

Introducing 3 strategies for people who are ready to make realistic changes to how they approach food and what they put into their bodies. If you’re tired of the ‘one step forward- two steps back’ dieting cycle, this masterclass is for you!

In this Food Freedom Consultation You’ll Learn...

  • How to be conscious about what you eat without giving up all of your favourite foods.
  • Simple strategies to melt fat…that you can start TODAY!
  • How to strengthen your body’s natural defences to maintain your energy and vibrancy.
  • As a BONUS! You will also receive my top 10 spice combinations for beating belly bloat…and for beating bland food. Because healthy food doesn’t need to be boring!

Live Healthy Without Cancelling Celebrations

You’ve experienced the boomerang effects of modern dieting for too long. Willpower doesn’t work and it’s time to get back in tune with the rhythm of your body.

It’s Time To...

  • STOP fad dieting.
  • STOP gaining back the weight.
  • STOP cutting all carbs and fats from your diet.
  • STOP feeling guilty about enjoying a glass of wine.

Hi I’m Kelly Carter and I’m so excited to offer this consultation to you.

...Also, I love ice cream, charcuterie inspired food boards, and I’m obsessed with making comfort foods healthy. 😉

I’m on a mission to help people transform their lives, transform their bodies, and forge a new relationship with food and nutrition. Healthy living is my passion, nutrition is my priority.

Things you should know... I make it my policy not to cancel your food enjoyment. You can enjoy a glass of wine, or a girls night out. You can enjoy life and make the right choice for you!

I’m here to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, and INSPIRE you to sustained fat loss, and healthy living!

There is no better time than now to get the food freedom you desire!

Hosted By: Kelly Carter

Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Health and Body Transformational Specialist

BASc (Hons), CNP, NNCP

You Should Sign Up for my Consultation If You’ve…

  • Tried every fad diet and approach and gained the weight all back.
  • Feel drained and struggle to stay focused throughout the day.
  • Realize that you can’t out exercise a bad diet.
  • Found that losing the last 10 pounds seems like an impossible obstacle.
  • Recognize your own bad relationship with sugar.
  • Used junk food as your security blanket.

See What Others Say

Barb Felt Happier and Energetic

Kelly is a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration, not just about what to eat to be healthier, but about how to eat to feel happy and energetic. I love her positive, realistic, and enthusiastic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Barb H., Toronto ON (Age- 51)

Jason’s Training Improved

Working with Kelly made all the difference in my fitness journey. Starting off in my early 40’s, the biggest problem I had was ongoing muscle soreness. She helped me to understand how the food I consumed, combined with the exercise, work together to get me the best results. I now have a deeper understanding of what foods I should be eating overall, and how different meals will enhance my performance at the gym.

Jason G., Mississauga ON (Age- Late 40’s)

It’s time to make nutritional changes and be excited about it on your way to