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Weight Loss Without Dieting:

The thing I hate most about the wellness industry is the millions of products, programs and people who express the way to lose weight is through dieting. The promise of losing a ton of weight in a short amount of time - sometimes expressing that it can be done while eating junk food and not lifting a finger! 

It's terrible to see people all over the world (including myself at one point) fall for these quick fixes, just to be right back where we started a few months down the road. Obviously the promise of easy, quick weight loss is attractive - but it is not sustainable or the reality. Making the wellness industry a trillion dollar industry. 

Weight loss without dieting - now that is how we should all think. See, the other problem with diets is we never get to the root of the issue. Why are we struggling with our weight in the first place. Is it even necessary to focus on weight loss or are we being driven by society thoughts. I believe in following healthy lifestyle changes that make us feel so powerful and vibrant and energetic - and if any weight happens to fall off then it's our bodies way of saying "we didn't need this anymore". 

Starting ANY new lifestyle change can be challenging. You are pushed out of your comfort zone and need to stay focused throughout the entire day - taking a lot of mental energy. It can feel isolating especially when others in the household do not feel they need to support the change. 

Here are 5 proven ways to achieve weight loss without dieting: 

1. Focus on protein and veg at each meal : looking at food as fuel is such a powerful way to take the focus off restricting diets. What people are not educated about is the fact that veggies are so low calorie, high nutrients that there is never a need to count or track. The nutrients help to keep you feeling full, giving you the portion control you've been looking for!

As well, protein us used to build new cells (all cells) in the body - it is very hard to be stored as fat when there is any excess. Therefore - you can eat all the protein you want and any extra calories will be excreted by the body


2. Do not plate your food on giant dishes : Numerous studies have shown that when you choose large plates, you can unconsciously out 30% more food on the plate than your body needs in a proper serving! That is not a small increase, since so many of us have been brought up with the mentality to "finish everything off your plate" the consistent intake of extra food will obviously be stored for later use if the body doesn't need to use

Having smaller bowls and plates for your main meals will help to portion out your daily intake without using actual measuring tools! Simple and easy to execute weight loss without dieting. 


3. Out of sight out of mind : here is a tip that continues to support my healthy lifestyle. I do not believe in absolutes (cutting out ice cream or cookies or fries for the rest of your life), but I also do not believe that the body needs the junk food daily. Unhealthy, processed foods are so accessible now a days it's hard to get away from them. 

Keeping your home environment a "safe place" for processed foods is a great way to control your intake. So when you find that these foods enter the house, is there a place where you can store them that is out of site such as a cold storage, down stairs freezer or high cupboard you normally do not need to go into? 

4. Drink your water consistently throughout the day : water is a whole other topic I will be getting into in terms of the health benefits, but for now how does it relate to weight loss without dieting? 

Water is essential for so many areas of the body, and one of those areas is your hunger. Have you ever heard someone say "if you feel thirsty then you are already dehydrated"? While this is true, there is another way that the body connects with you to say it needs water... by triggering your hunger hormones. So keeping up consistent water intake throughout the day (2-3L depending on your body size and activity level) is essential to keep your hunger in check, which in turn keeps your snacking in check! 


5. Remove or extremely deplete sugary drinks : I remember when I first started my health journey 9 years ago all I did the first week was switch out the sugary drinks (ice tea and frappuccinos were my kryptonite) for water. I lost 7lbs in one week. I hadn't touched food choices yet. It was so mind boggling - even more so when I realized that my energy and stamina got much better in that week as well. 

An ice cold lemonade or a drink by the pool this summer is definitely something that will happen, however 95% of my liquid intake will be zero sugar options such as water and herbal teas. The sugars attract so much water retention and inflammation, causing puffiness and bloating. If you are a drinker of sugary drinks I challenge you to try cutting back and seeing the amazing results! 

Weight loss without dieting is the most freeing experience. Food is meant to be enjoyed, life is meant to be enjoyed. The restrictions that come with diets may show results short term but we soon find ourselves back to a frustrating place. 

Want to know more about how you can find a healthy lifestyle ? Connect with me, Kelly Carter CNP today [email protected]


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