Why is my Weight Loss Plateauing? The Busy Professionals Struggle

Why is my Weight Loss Plateauing? The Busy Professionals Struggle

There is nothing more frustrating than when your healthy intentions stop showing the progress you want to see - specifically weight loss plateauing. 

Weight loss plateaus are extremely common - no, they are part of every health journey out there. It is not a bad thing - it is your body telling you that something needs to change, shift or be removed. 

I have come up with the top 3 reasons why you may experience weight loss plateaus - from all of my clients who are busy professionals / entrepreneurs I have noticed many of the same occurrences. Once cleared up or shifted the body continues to transform in a healthy manner. 

3 Reasons the Busy Professional may be experiencing Weight Loss Plateauing : 

1. You are not eating enough - when moving towards more nutrient dense choices (whole fruits, veggies, nuts, proteins etc.) you will find the overall calories consumed in a day is naturally lower than when focused on processed, calorie dense foods. You are not eating as much portion wise and satisfied for longer. MANY TIMES I have seen the busy professional shift to a healthier diet and once work gets in the way of meal times (skipping snacks or even main meals) the calorie deficit starts to become too large for the body to handle. 

It is really important to understand that your body needs to be fuelled properly throughout the day. When you consistently consume a lot less calories that your body requires in a day (I am talking about over 1000 calorie deficit) your body will start to worry about energy sources, start holding on to your body fat, lower metabolism and produce a plateau.

If you continue to not eat enough the body will use up muscle for energy more than fat - and that further affects metabolism, energy and body image. Understanding how much food you must consume at each day is very important to breaking a plateau{1}

2. You are not managing your stress well - stress overrides EVERYTHING in my opinion. I have seen it time and time again, my clients eat properly, exercise consistently, drink really good amounts of water... and the weight will not budge at a certain point. Until they go on vacation or have a weekend getaway. 

When the body feels stress it releases cortisol - the stress hormone. Cortisol is highly inflammatory and triggers insulin to spike (another inflammatory hormone) and insulin is known as the fat producing hormone. Its job is to get blood sugar into your cells then store the rest as fat for later. 

I am not here to tell you to figure out how to live a less stressful life - because for most of us that means finding a new job or completely new home environment, two things that are MAJOR life changes. I am here to tell you to look into how to manage stress the best you can. The problem is unmanaged stress now a days is consistent. The body never has a break from that cortisol release because we wake up and go to bed stressed about work or family issues. 

There is a way to manage stress in every situation - you have to want to understand your situation more and want to make that shift. Or else, that plateau will become your new normal, as it is your body's way of protecting you.


3. You are forgetting about your water intake - I LOVE when I am working with a client and half way through our program they plateau and we look back at the water intake and it has fallen down to dehydrating levels again. I love it because we keep the focus on water intake for the week and the plateau is broken! 

For the busy professional water can be a side thought that is left for hours at a time. The body will not function properly when you take a sip of water every 4-5 hours. You need to be consistently hydrating, sipping on water every hour of the day. 

Keeping the focus on hydration may be the simplest habit to focus on and break plateaus but it definitely takes effort in remembering how often you need to drink. The elastic band trick works well for me, or the water bottles with the times water should be drunk as well. 

So there you have it! 3 reasons why your weight loss may be plateauing? It is one of the biggest struggles I see with busy professionals. Connect with me, Kelly Carter CNP, to discuss what you could be doing better to avoid plateaus in your life! 

{1} Freire R. Scientific Evidence of Diets
for Weight Loss: Different Macronutrient Composition, Intermittent Fasting, and
Popular Diets. Nutrition. 2020 Jan;69:110549.


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