The Importance of Detoxing

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2020

The word detox has become well known in the past decade because we live in a world of abundance but have an attitude of lack towards our health. For most, it is associated with juicing vegetables and drinking only water while suffering from hunger and headaches – not extremely appetizing. However, the stigma should be lifted as detoxing is vitally important for optimal health. The actual definition of detox is a period of time in which one rids the body of toxins.

When transitioning into a healthy lifestyle it is imperative that a detoxification period is incorporated to clean up the synthetic, toxic chemistry in the system. The body has two ways of defending itself from the effects of toxins. First its produces mucus to coat the chemicals to buffer any potential irritation. Secondly, the body generates fat to store the toxins in as they are lipophilic or fat loving substances. The toxins will then have a protective barrier and cease to cause further harm.

It is not ideal to sweat off the toxin stored fat without creating the right conditions for the body to detoxify. If you force the body into burning fat and releasing toxins, they are left to cause more damage now that there is no protection. If you are taking in more toxins than eliminating the body WILL NOT let you burn fat. Burning fat will release even more toxins.

The best way to prepare the body is consuming foods that naturally detoxify. Chlorophyll rich foods (green vegetables), gelatinous plant foods (chia seeds, aloe Vera, seaweeds), cilantro and parsley are foods that will accomplish a healthy, natural detox.

1. Detoxing flushes out excess waste: the average Canadian has 20 pounds of toxic faecal waste sitting in their colon. The consumption of plant based, fibre rich foods and clean water

2. Strong immune system: giving the body a rest from fighting off toxins allows the immune system a chance to recover and become stronger. It is important to have a strong immune system as we get older - we are exposed to more and more toxins with each year we face

3. Boosts energy: When "detoxing" and consuming foods that the body needs to thrive you are feeding the cells - where does out energy come from?? The B Vitamins we consume support every one of the energy cycles in the body! Eating your vitamins and minerals will give you a boost of incredible energy every time.

4. Healthier skin: the skin takes 30 days to regenerate - and when you eat unhealthy foods it will show firstly in your skin. Juicing is one of the quickest ways to clear up any acne or blemishes in the body. Consuming foods with collagen helps with the elasticity of the skin. Water helps with preventing dryness and helps the cells to be plump and voluptuous

5. Promotes a healthy lifestyle: taking yourself through a detox twice a year has been shown (through testimonials) to improve an individuals healthy lifestyle! One of my clients says that each time she goes through a detox it lasts longer and longer - 5 days turns to 10 turns to twenty etc.

6. Anti-Aging benefits: the outcome of a detox is ridding the . body or oxidative matter (through the increase consumption of anti-oxidants. Oxidative matter causes the deterioration of the skin - essentially making one look more aged.

7. Clear thinking: Brain cells act the same as any other in the body. When cleaned out they work to a much higher potential - meaning clearer thinking. Have I convinced you to do a food and lifestyle detox?!


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