Stress Management Food Choices for the Busy Professional

Stress Management Food Choices for the Busy Professional

As a busy professional stress is definitely part of the week. In my opinion it is not about finding a life that has no stress... it is all about understanding stress management and what that means for you. Stress management is extremely important for the busy professional as it determines mood, productivity, energy and confidence. 

Did you know stress management can begin with your food choices? Once you have the knowledge on WHAT you should be choosing this will change your outlook on so many meals! Certain food can increase certain chemicals in the body to promote stress management: 

- Boost levels of serotonin  (calming brain chemical)

- Decrease levels of cortisol and adrenaline (your stress hormones) 


Here are my top choices for stress management food choices for the busy professional:


1. Whole grains such as RICE, QUINOA and OATMEAL. Did you know that all carbohydrates tell the brain to make more serotonin? It is important to choose ones with whole grains rather than refined as the body will produce less sugar and therefore less inflammation and hormone triggers. Complex carbs help to stabilize blood sugar levels since they take longer to digest 


2. Fruits high in vitamin C such as ORANGES and KIWI. Vitamin C is known for strengthening the immune system as well, has been shown to curb the levels of stress hormones in the body to healthier ones. Vitamin C, in some, will help your cortisol levels return to normal after a stressful event if taken prior! 


3. Fish high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids such as SALMON and TUNA. Fats are so important for overall health but can specifically focus on preventing stress hormones to rush into the system unnecessarily. Fats keep the body in so many ways, hence the stress management in busy professionals.


As a busy professional, could you start your day with a kiwi protein smoothie, have a salad with grilled salmon for lunch and prepare chicken with quinoa for dinner? Seems pretty reasonable - and you would be helping the body to manage stress through those food choices! 

So there you have it : my top 3 stress management food choices for the busy professional! Connect with me, Kelly Carter certified nutritional practitioner for a free consultation at [email protected]



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