Easy Snacks for the Busy Professional

Here's the thing: 

Snacks can make or break your day. They have the ability from preventing or cause sugar or energy crashes throughout the day, support productivity or prolong a days work. So I am introducing: Easy Snacks for the Busy Professional

Did you know that the top 3 snacks at the busy professional's office are 

1. Chips

2. Chocolate 

3. Cheese (and not the great kinds)

Snacks that are calorie dense, high sugars or high carbs - all foods that will give you a BURST of energy then a crash shortly after. Most of the time we are looking for the same type of snack an hour later and the cycle continues. 

As a busy professional, you want to be productive at work. You want to have enough energy to go in and out of meetings, to be present when talking to colleagues and to have the confidence that each day you are giving your best. 

These easy to execute snacks will support your body's energy so that you will obtain that productivity and confidence EVERY DAY! 

First, FRUITS AND NUTS : As a nutritional practitioner who loves her fruit, I go most often with Apple + Peanut or Almond Butter OR Strawberries + Pecans 


Second, PROTEIN AND VEGGIES: a working nutritionist dream. Here I like to combine Eggs + Cucumber and Bell Peppers + Guacamole or Hummus 


Third, FATS AND VEGGIES: another beautiful combination! I often pair Feta Cheese + Olives + Cherry Tomatoes 


Each snack combination has really good Fats or Proteins to keep you feeling full for longer than half an hour, but are also fun and flavourful. 

ALSO, easy to execute - chop some veggies, purchase fruit, buy the Wholly Guacamole and feta cheese and nuts = then assemble! 

For the busy professional, entrepreneur, work from home boss and anyone looking to level up their day!  And there you have it - Easy Snacks for the Busy Professional !


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