Health VS Productivity : Your New Business Strategy

As an entrepreneur the work NEVER stops. Partially this is due to my brain always wanting to develop more, see more, connect more and see the success that I have already envisioned.

The connection between health and my success is something that I can't even joke about. It is AMAZING what I can accomplish when I fuel myself properly, get good sleep and stay hydrated. It got me thinking... 

Was this connection just me ? Or is there some correlative science to this success. To my suprise numerous studies have been done connecting health to productivity to $$$.


The way I see it is the body is AMAZING. You can treat it however you like and you may be able to accomplish certain goals each month/ year. So what happens when you LEVEL UP your health? The sky's the limit. 

Studies have shown that when health is made a priority in the workplace: "health-related productivity costs were more than four times greater than medical and pharmacy costs"(1)

Others have "found substantial reductions in self-reported absenteeism and affected work hours as a result of perceived improvements in health and well-being. The employees also perceived a positive effect of their new work environment on their productivity."(2)

Think of it.. anyone of you who are business owners, entrepreneurs, high level CEOs and managers - when you place the focus on health for yourself you will see first hand how much more efficient (therefore productive) you, yourself will be. And furthermore, paying it forward to your employees. 

All you employees out there - reach out to your employers or taking a look at your own health may help you to climb the ladder of success, or become your own boss! 




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