3 Healthy Habits to Start at the Office Today!

Here are my top 3 Healthy Habits to Start at the Office Today!

Getting back into that office work routine, after having to leave that environment for months, can be challenging especially when you have established a working from home routine. The office is a place that we spend a lot of our time, especially those of us who work more than the 40 hour typical work week. It is so important to focus on a healthy routine for the office so that the environment can support a healthy, happy you.

Many of us let the day get away, and find that the week flies by. So by the end of a work week we are exhausted, feel defeated and start to work for the weekends. This does not have to be you! 

There are 3 healthy habits that I follow to on a daily basis when I am in the office. The routine really supports my ongoing energy, productivity and confidence that I need to be successful every day at the office! And you can start them today: 

3 Healthy Habits to Start at the Office Today:

1. Have a 1L water bottle at your desk. Plan to finish the bottle during the first 4 hours of your day. Fill the bottle back up and plan to finish your second litre during the second 4 hours of your day at the office. Staying hydrated keep your brain and energy systems thriving and helps to move the nutrients quickly throughout the body so your body gets fuelled more efficiently! 

2. Make time for lunch. Too many of us let the day get away, leaving our bodies without food for HOURS. At the office you should be working and focused at the highest level - when you deprive the body of nutrients for hours your energy, stamina and concentration will quickly decline as your day moves along. 

3. Stop the refined sugar. The body will naturally crave something really sweet or carb-loaded when it goes too long without food or too long without the proper fuel. It's looking for a quick boost of energy - and so are you! When you consume refined sugars you will get a temporary fix, but focused on the word temporary. Sugar crashes will happen later and that throws the office day off even more! 

Establishing these healthy habits TODAY will boost your workplace efficiency and bring a more balanced feel to the work - home life balance. Don't work for the weekends, pretty soon you will realize you are in the later part of life. Each day at work will be significantly better once your healthy habits to support your energy are established. 

So there you have it - 3 Healthy Habits to Start at the Office Today!


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