3 Unhealthy Habits to AVOID when Working from Home

3 Unhealthy Habits to AVOID when Working from Home :

Working from home has been a new normal for so many of us - and may continue to be a normal for years to come! Did you know about 30% of Canadians are working from home since the start of the pandemic? At first the thought of not having to wake up so early to get all made up, then drive in the rush hour traffic only to remember that you have forgotten your lunch on the counter, sounds pretty amazing! 

However, the grass is not always greener on the other side. We really do not appreciate the routine that working from an office gives us! There have been many reports on unhealthy habits that people working from home are adapting - and it is not helping with work productivity or mental health. 

I want to outline 3 unhealthy habits to avoid when working from home. Ones that really affected my own progress the first few months of transitioning to the working from home life! Can you guess what they are: 


1. Poor sleeping habits: this happens so often because there is no regular routine of having to get up at 5:30am to shower, get ready for work, make breakfast and drive. Since rolling out of bed, putting on a decent shirt and brushing our hair takes one twentieth of the time it becomes easy to justify waking up later. 

Therefore, best time is easily pushed to later. Since there is generally no alarm set for the morning that Netflix show may go a few episodes longer than you even expected. All of a sudden your typically 7-8 hours of sleep per night is bordering 3-4 hours. PSA you will not function properly when the body does not get enough restful sleep. The compounding nights will continue to affect your performance, food choices and energy. 

Maintaining a regular sleeping pattern can decrease your chances of irregular metabolism as you get older, better control anxiety as well as your blood pressure. Start working towards a proper sleep routine today! 

2. Grazing on calorie dense foods all day: this is a very easy to execute unhealthy eating habit. Working from home may not be the most ideal for many of us, and when we need to find some sort of comfort in a world that is not providing much, food is our go to! 

Grocery shops may include many more snack items such as cookies, chips, bars, cereals and candy that fill the fridge and pantry. Those of which as steps away from our new office. Grabbing a handful of cookies here and a bowl of chips there becomes a quick norm. 

When you are working from a computer all day it can mentally be easier to have snacks rather than taking the time to make a meal or have a lunch break. The result? Short term: short lived energy boosts that turn into energy crashes. Long term: unhealthy weight gain. 

3. Not setting work boundaries: Working from home as a busy professional can turn 8 hour work days into 12-16 hour work days. Having office hours gave specific boundaries for clients and employers/ employees. Working from home allows individuals to log on or off at any time of the day and blurs the work life balance so many of us are working towards. 

Working too many hours in a week takes away from all other areas of your life. You may begin to neglect your health by not making the time for necessary appointments. You may not be sticking to a proper nutrition routine because you do not have time for lunch or dinner during the day. You may be chronically dehydrated on a daily basis since you are so into your work you go hours without a sip of water. 

Providing your work environment with boundaries is essential to your life balance and personal health. 

And those are my top 3 unhealthy habits to AVOID when working from home. For more information on habits to avoid working from home connect with me on a discovery call: [email protected]


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