Learn How To Have A Fitness-driven Lifestyle with Kelly Carter | An Interview

Learn How To Have A Fitness-driven Lifestyle with Kelly Carter | An Interview

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The importance of finding a sustainable diet to fit your lifestyle perfectly can not be overlooked. Everybody has different requirements when it comes to their diet, and there is a lot of expert nutritionists in the industry who can create a comprehensive, tailored plan for you to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Kelly Carter, as the founder of the Food Freedom Nutrition and Lifestyle Program, is one such nutritionist who has made it her mission to transform people’s lifestyles with customized plans designed as per the needs and goals of each individual. She believes that the concept of having a successful transition in one’s lifestyle goes beyond the idea of having a personalized meal plan. This is why she is committed to helping her clients in every capacity to have a healthier approach to their daily life.

Today we are having the pleasure to interview Kelly and we will try to uncover some important highlights about her and her career journey.

Question. 1: Your efforts in the health and fitness industry have been revolutionary. Can you please share how you became interested in this profession?

At a young age I became very aware of the people in my life’s health. Why did some people seem to be thriving and others struggling to live a day without headaches and pains and other ailments that were affecting their quality of life. The more I looked into it the more I could see the relationship between lifestyle choices and health – realizing for the most part your health is in your hands. At the same time there is so much noise out there in the industry, I decided that I wanted to become a health professional and guide people correctly.


Question 2: As an expert nutritionist, you already know about the importance of having a personalized meal plan for everyone. What do you typically consider while making a food plan for your clients?

Before working together I get all of my clients to fill out an application. This gives me a great snapshot of what their current lifestyle looks like. This is really important, as I tailor each program to fit the client’s current lifestyle. Going from eating out multiple times a week to cooking all meals from home will not be easy and may seem extremely overwhelming to the client. A better approach would be to focus on healthier food choices when eating out and swapping a few of those meals with a home cooked one. Each person lives a different lifestyle and it will not completely change overnight.

Question 3: How does the journey of the Food Freedom Nutrition and Lifestyle Program start and what initial challenges did you face while establishing its foundation?

Being in this industry I was seeing many programs out there that would give the client the immediate satisfaction of weight loss. That client would come back around years or even months later as all the goals met were lost after leaving the program. I wanted to create a program that I did not see in this world – one that would leave clients feeling supported with accountability throughout the entire journey and given the tools to confidently move forward living this sustainable lifestyle created.

The initial challenges were understanding what a person would need for this journey and how much time would be needed in order to develop a healthier lifestyle that did not mimic the diets that they had tried so many times before. The ultimate result is food freedom and confidence but it is not an easy journey.


Question 4: What would you say your approach is towards making your clients have a healthier lifestyle?

My approach is to be very open and honest with how the process will go. If this journey was going to be easy then this industry wouldn’t be a multi-trillion one. However, that is why I have created a program where I give ultimate support and accountability 24/7. I reach out to my clients on a daily basis and weekly face to face (in person or online) meeting are built in. The program is changed and modified depending on how the individual is moving forward. As long as you have an open mind you will achieve your ultimate health goal.


Question 5: You have definitely gained a lot of recognition in your field for your unique approach to nutrition. What advice would you give to our readers for making small changes in their lifestyle to have a health-driven lifestyle?

My advice would be to find like-minded individuals or a community to surround yourself with. I feel that the reason my programs are successful is due to the fact that I provide a no judgement and supportive environment for each and every one of my clients. If you are not being honest with others, what is going to keep you honest to yourself? Environment and community is everything when it comes to finding your sustainable lifestyle.

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