Active Parent Mindset and Nutrition

Active Parent Mindset and Nutrition


I really always wanted to be an Active Parent - I realized where I was going wrong

It’s AMAZING how our brains work - and when it comes to health so much of the time our brains go to WEIGHT LOSS 

Coaching many many people and going through my own health journey has lead me to believe it’s the reason why there are so many un- achieved long term goals

Old me thinking :

🆘 I’m never going to have the energy I have 2 kids who done sleep great

🆘 When will I ever have time for myself with this 24 hour job?

🆘 There’s no time to do anything with 2 kids ?


New me thinking :

🟢 How do I get as much sleep/ rest as possible so I have more energy in the day ?

🟢 How to I become more effective with my time with the kids ?

🟢 What needs to happen so I can have a small amount of ME time every day?

This is what happens when you give your brain problems you want solved 🥰

I AM an ACTIVE parent and love dancing with my kids - see yourself as your best self !


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